Baslow & Curbar

Baslow & Curbar Edge

How to get there: Clodhall Lane Curbar, Hope Valley S32 3YR

What to shoot:Rock Formations

Best time of day: Sunrise & Sunset

Ordinance survey map: Map ref: SK 261747

Nearby Locations Curbar Village 1 Km


Curbar & Baslow are located in the peak district; these grit stone formations look over the Derwent Valley. They are west facing so make great sunset locations. Parking at Curbar Gap is ideal for viewing both locations as they join at this point crossing the road allows you to walk along Baslow and remaining on the same side as the car park allows access to Curbar.These locations are ideal for those who have slight mobility issues, as there are flatter less demanding paths set back from the edge, with smaller more testing pathways closer to the edge.Walking Curbar can be as long or as short as you like, Following Curbar will eventually lead to Froggatt edge for those who wish to clock up the miles. For me I spend around 4 hours at Curbar then cross the road to Baslow and spend what time I have left there until sunset.Word of warning it can get very windy, even in summer take extra layers just in case. The car park is pay and display and the village of Curbar is close by for food, drink and other conveniences.


Contributed By ©Karl Redshaw

©Karl Redshaw