Belgrade Uploads

Belgrade Images

Please upload your images using the link to the left for both your first Choice (A) and your second choice (B). If you intend for the image to be part of a bulk order for A3 prints placed at Simlab you MUST upload your image sized to A3 @ 300DPI

 (A3 in pixels at 300 DPI 4961 pixels x 3508 pixels)

If you intend to use a custom mount and not those supplied at a charge from Paul Stokes, Your image will still need to be uploaded in your chosen size, so everyone has a clear idea of the look of the image, and ordering any other size than A3 will not be part of the bulk order.

Please upload your pictures in the following format:

A Karl Redshaw - Ghost Train

B Karl Redshaw - Kingfisher

Simply click the link to left and choose your already sized images from your drive.

Closing Date: 11pm 16th May 2017