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POTW Week 12 - Paul Stokes - Women's Cycle Tour

The OVO Energy Women Tour is six stages of cycling across England and Wales of the worlds elite women cyclists. The forth day (stage 4) came  through Bulkington, Bedworth and surrounding areas. This is the Peloton group coming through Bulkington. The stage was 158 km long and took  just 4 hours and 35 minutes to complete. They came and went in a flash!!

POTW Week 12 - Womens Cycle Tour.jpg

POTW Week 11 - Rex Coleman - Audley End

11 - Rex Coleman - Audley End .jpg

Audley End House

One of the greatest house's in early 17th century England . In about 1605-14

Thomas Howard 1st Earl of Suffolk built it on the site of the former Walden Abbey.

Robert Adam rebuilt it for Sir John Griffin in 1760 while Capability Brown remodeled the surrounding parkland.

POTW Week 10 - Paul Stokes - Porthleven

Portleven Cornwall - The quay is about 100yds long and was built to provide safety from the Altantic waves.

Unfortunately this picture was taken a reasonably low high tide. Other defences have been built to provide safety for the harbour and properties during winter storms.


POTW - Week 9 - June Davis - Veronica

This picture is in memory of my friend.

We were out taking some shots for a future competition and I decided to take a picture whilst Veronica was enjoying the view, this was taken on 26th March and Veronica passed away suddenly on the 28th March 2019.

I miss my friend.

9 - June Davis - veronica.jpg

POTW - Week 7 - Chris Baker - Sunlit Tulip

The tulip was enjoying the sun in the back garden as much as I was. It was shining back brightly, and was wide open to catch the rays. It therefore had to be photographed... not even on macro setting, fore-arms on knees for stability, whilst sitting in front of it. A polarising lens prevented reflected glare. A watering can provided the "dew-drops".

7 - Chris Baker - Sunlit Tulip.jpg

POTW - Week 6 - Chris Baker - Knife Angel

I happened to be in Coventry at the same time as the Knife Angel, and couldn't resist the shot.

The sculpture was made at the British Iron Works in Oswestry, Shropshire by sculptor Alfie Bradley using over 100,000 knives/blades etc provided by (eventually) all the police forces in the UK. It has toured several British cities as part of a campaign to highlight/reduce knife-crime.

6 - Chris Baker - Knife Angel at Coventry Cathederal.jpg

BECC Schedule Change in May. Plus POTW

1, The BECC schedule has been changed in May, the two activities on the 14th and 28th have swapped places.

The schedule on the website has been updated.

2, We have slot vacancies on the POTW planner (Members section - Club Files and guides) so if you did not have the opportunity on Tuesday or effectively avoided the prowling members with the sheet, you can see the dates and select your own.

BECC Schedule 2019 / 2020 and Survey

1, The Club Schedule has been updated and uploaded to the website. Please go to the site and note any new activities and changes.

2, A members survey has been placed into the Members are - Club Documents, Files and Guides. If you could fill this in and bring it to the club meeting that would be great but printed copies will also be available

 ARE  PHOTOGRAPHERS BORN? - By Catherine Wilson

Why does one choose photography as a  hobby, as opposed to the more practical,  more productive and  definitely  healthier , gardening,  fishing , or even cooking?

Or does it choose the person?

I once had a  well - known photographer brother-in –law who believed that real photographers were born . He agreed that anyone could learn the craft , but that the ‘born’ photographer had an instinctive feeling for it.    Don’t get me wrong,  he  didn’t believe that born photographers were always good  photographers--just that they had this special ‘thing’  -  which always showed.

He  joined  a  well known photo club in a large factory in  Coventry. He always won which didn’t go down well with the members, so he agreed to be handicapped. I had visions of his arms or legs being broken, and never found out exactly how they did it. He won again, then stepped down and became a judge.

As a child   my mother cooked for an elderly couple every evening, taking me with her. .I had to sit still and behave. It was the most boring two hours of my week day. Nothing to do and nothing to read but a pile of boring gardening magazines I found under some cushions .

I  complained –very  loudly-  but still had to go.

One day a neighbour left a  large bundle of photographic magazines for the couple to look at before throwing them out.

I picked one up – and  was  hooked.. Why?  I don’t know.

Those were the days when they contained few colour photo’s .They should   have  bored me as a seven year old.

We  didn’t  go  at weekends, and I couldn’t wait until Mondays to get at that special bundle. Mum was happy.  I wasn’t pestering her as she cooked.

.It was to be a  few  years later that I met my future brother in law and  learnt of his ‘obsession’ with photography. He   passed  on to   me his weekly photo magazines- and  there I was, off again.

I had my first camera at fourteen, a second  hand plastic (or bakelite) Coronet, ( Mum thought it was another ‘phase’  I  was going through.)

It  took  sixteen two and a quarter inch  square pictures. I  used  it  as often as I could afford film and processing at the chemist. I still have some of the negatives.

One day a few years later, great tragedy struck.

I left it on  a  bus  and  no –one handed it in.  

I   lived  on tea , cornflakes and beans for three weeks and  bought another camera with  the  wages I’d saved.

By then there was a lot of colour film about, but after a few dabbles with it I went back to black and white.

That was all a  long time, and a lot of photography ago.

I learned to process all films and transparencies, but my favourite  is  always  black and white.

I believe I have  what my brother-in law  called  that  ‘inbuilt special  instinct’ for photography, and whether I’m any good at it or not -  as long as the passion is there --it doesn’t matter a scrap.  

Catherine Wilson