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Hi everyone,

Just a quick message to confirm the next meeting. This isn't the inter club competition as detailed in the programme - that event is carried over to the next season. The next meeting will be a Camera Clinic.

If you have any questions about your camera, lenses, flashgun, filters, or any other accessory (e.g. tripods), please bring your query along and we'll find someone in the group who can answer it for you or help you find out.
If you also have any questions about techniques and ways of using the features bring those questions along.

I will also bring along a set of macro bellows so that anyone interested can look at this form of photography using the very basic equipment.

Please bring your camera etc along with you so that we can show you on your own equipment.

This will be very much a hands on event. It will be great opportunity to find out solutions something that has been bugging you or how to get more out of your equipment. I hope that everyone will go home having learnt something that they can use.


I have just received a message from Fiona at Bulkington Village Centre saying that there are some car-park resurfacing works going on starting Monday. This may mean that your normal parking spots may not be available. It may be necessary to find parking outside the centre.

I have asked Fiona to let me know if there are going to be any access problems for those that do need to park close to the building. If there are, I will let you know.

I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Regards and thanks