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This Weeks Meeting

Hi everyone,

Just a bit more detail about Tuesday's meeting.

This is a workshop/tutorial on digital editing - something we all do to some extent or other. We all get images that don't look anywhere as good as we expected when we get to see them on screen. 

It isn't intended to be advanced but to cover a range of editing skills and techniques from very basic skills.

The intention is to choose a range of images and apply a number of levels of editing, from an explanation and use of basic RAW editing, some basic manipulation in Lightroom and Photoshop through to more complex editing to generate either something more creative to extract something better and even wonderful from an unpromising image.

From there there will be a challenge to each of you do some editing of your own images prior to the chairmans Challenge meeting on 6th January where I would like you to bring the before and after versions.

There, if you feel comfortable doing so,  I would like you to show explain what you did to achieve the results. This isn't just a platform for the more advanced but also for the developing photographers to help you develop your skills through doing something beyond your current skills and to allow us all to assist you where you may have problems or are unsure how to get the effect or improvements you are after. There will be a small competition to choose the most improved image in the evening!

If you specifically want to know what to do or how to do something, bring along your questions possibly with a copy of example images (RAW files if you have them) on a memory stick to Tuesday's meeting and we'll see how we may help. Remember - If you want to learn how to achieve something and develop, please please ask!