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Road Trips

Next Wednesday I am going in search of poppy’s, anyone wishes to join me they can, I have room for 3, Paul is reserved for one.

Next Thursday I will be in search of a waterfall, near lower black clough Derbyshire, again have 3 seats 1 reserved for Paul. WARNING this one is known to be rough to get to not a long way just not easy going, I reckon about 25 minutes from the main road. If there’s time i may go somewhere else, such as Padley Gorge, but doe’s depend on the timings of everything.

Maybe if it looks like a clear night i know of a black spot, (Min Light Pollution) Where you can get picture of the night sky if your lucky, you can sometimes get part of the milkyway visible. This may end up being a long long day, don’t come if your not up for it. The black spot has a pub and good food close by. 

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