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Happy New Year !!

I've got a few things to bring to your attention for the forthcoming weeks.

It is the club AGM on Tuesday 17th Feb.

Theres a few things to sort and plan.

1. Can everyone who has trophies, please return them at either of the forthcoming meetings?

2. Club Officials. Anyone wishing to stand for any of the positions, please let me and/or Colin know beforehand. It's not essential, but will help the AGM flow. Also, many of you will know that Graham was considering not standing again for Competition Secretary due to family reasons. On Tuesday, he informed me that the planned changes in their family position are no longer going to happen. As a consequence, Graham will be willing to continue his role for the forthcoming season. Having said that, anyone wishing to stand for this (or indeed, any) position, please do so.

3. Ideas for the Nikon dSLR that was donated to the club. As previously discussed, one of our members has donated a Nikon 5100 dSLR with kit lens to the club. I am seeking ideas on how we may get best advantage for this for all club members. Ideas so far :-

a.    Raffle the camera with the club

b.    Raffle the camera to club members, family and friends

c.    Sell the camera on eBay or other website/location

d.    Keep the camera within the club for use by and loan to members for learning and experience

If you have any other thoughts or ideas, please let me or Anthea know so that we can table discussion at the AGM.

4. Any other proposals - If you have any issues you wish to have discussed, please let me or Anthea know. e.g.. Changes to competition rules etc.

5. Meetings - Any ideas or suggestions for meetings next season? We have 12 dates to fill!

6. Possible lecture - this year I arranged an external lecturer. I believe this was well received, but, it does take a contribution from club funds to provide this. Please consider if you wish a similar talk to be arranged for the forthcoming season.

Also, we have an inter club competition arranged with Earl Shilton Camera Club at BVC on 17th March. This will comprise a colour and mono print section each comprising ten prints. I invite all members to bring their best print images for use in this competition along to the Enrolment evening on Tuesday 3rd March.

Also, should we make some arrangements for refreshments/snacks beyond our normal tea/coffee and biscuits? Any thoughts?

Finally, the next meeting (20th January) is the final round of the Annual Competition (Self Portrait). As always, please register your submissions with Graham by Sunday 18th latest.

If I've forgotten anything, please let me know?

Regards and thanks