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Interclub Event Update

Hi everyone,

An update on the entries for the inter club competition with Earl Shilton on 17th March.

I have agreed with Earl Shilton that a there will be a maximum of two prints from each member in each of the mono and Colour print sections.

Please bring along your selection of prints - no limit but please be reasonable and self critical. We have to whittle the selection down to two panels of 10 on the 3rd march after we have completed registration for the new season.

Prints do not need to be mounted for the selection evening as long as if it is chosen that you can and will get it mounted in time for the 17th.
Large prints will have greater impact on the evening so, if you have a small print to be considered but can get to printed larger, again, please bring it along for consideration.

Also, as agreed at the AGM, meetings will now start at 7:30pm.

I will send out a mail with all the key decisions from the AGM and the Programme for the new season asap.

Regards and thanks