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Annual Comp Results "Tombstones"

Colour Print

1st  - Rex Coleman   "The Cross"

2nd - Karl  "Haunted"

3rd - D Lewell  "No Title"

Highly commended

Chris Baker  "Weathered"

Paul Stokes  "Sleeping Children"


Ken Walker  "Around The Edge"

Neil Gadsby  "No Title"

Rex Coleman  "Baddersley"

Mono Print

1st - Ian Flint  "Quad Crosses"

2nd  - Paul Stokes  "Sleeping Children"

3rd  - Veronica Leadbrooke  "No Title"

Highly commended

Karl  - "Haunted wood"


Ian Flint  - "Spiders Web"

Dave Parr - "No Title"

Suzy Warren - "Fallen Cross"


1st  - Karl  "Stones"

2nd - Karl  "Roach n Cross"

3rd  - Ken Walker  "Comrades"

Highly commended

Rex Coleman  - "Tom Farndon"

Ian Flint - "Monks Kirby"

Cath Wilson  - "Lonely Grave"


Taylor Redshaw  "Cross"

Dave Parr - "No Title"

D Lewell - "No Title"

Chris Simpson - "Gone And Forgotten"