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Next Meeting

Hi everyone.

Chesterton Mill

I hope everyone who went to Chesterton Mill last week was able to get something from the evening despite the cold windy dull summer evening that it was. 

You may have seen that the few of us who stuck it out until near darkness were rewarded with a just two minutes of fabulous red sky. Was that luck, stupidity or was it the perseverence that got us there?  

Next Meeting - Tue 18th August

Looking forward to next week - I’m afraid there will be another slight change of plan from that we had discussed before the re-arrangements at the start of the summer break. It is quite possible that I may have to be away due to work commitments. After a discussion last week it was decided that we change the subject - again. We’ll hold the Portfolio discussion to a later date.

We will instead be doing a table-top camera session, so, please bring cameras, tripods and, if you have them, macro lenses, flash guns etc. 

It is intended that we try to photograph water droplets splashing onto glass or similar (as long as we can assemble the necessary equipment and flash gear). Failing that, it will be a studio session lighting session for flowers of some kind. 

Tue 1st September

This will be an opportunity to show some of your images from the summer evenings. Please bring along some of your images, either prints or as a files for projection and we’ll do a slide show capturing everyones work.

Tue 15th September

Round 3 of the Annual Competition - Animals.