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Live Lightroom Edit & Photo Critique - 24th April 2018

Live Lightroom  Edit & Photo Critique

Next meeting is "Live Lightroom Edit & Photo Critique" 

24th April 2018 @ The BVC 19:30 Start

·         Live edit using Lightroom of model images from our studio night.

·         Feedback on images entered into round one of POTY.

What to bring?

·         Bring you mono and colour prints from round 1 if you wish to have feedback.

·         DPI will already be at the meeting for feedback, you can opt out of feedback if you prefer.

·         Pen, Pad if you wish to take notes on Lightroom.

PLEASE note we will get through as many images as possible for feedback but its likely not all images will be seen, depending on qty we may have to do either colour or mono and not both.

A Black Keyboard With Union Jack Key