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Bedworth & Exhall Camera Club, Established for over 30 years. Fully Affiliated. Your gateway to learning all things photographic, in a friendly , relaxed, and supportive environment.

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Mike Tustin (Web Master)

I do like to take a camera with me wherever I go, this is sometimes just to give me something to do.

I suppose of lot of the photos are holiday snaps, these can be cityscapes, flora and fauna or any local events.

I do like people events. Recently I was taking pictures at a Belly Dance party for a friend, low light, swift movement and no flash,35mm 1.4 lens, a compromise all round. another time recently was a local football match, nice bright day 100 - 400 lens some hard cropping, but otherwise no real issues; two situations calling for completely different setups. That’s the joy / pain of photography you have to learn all the time, reading and trying.


Rex Coleman

Rex is retired now and would recommend retirement to anyone wishing to take it up. His interest in photography started at a early age but it wasn't until serving with HM Forces in Germany that he bought his first "serious" camera a Voigtlander Vito B, which he still has. He used this camera for many years taking mainly 35mm slides until being introduced to Canon products by his brother in law.

Since this time he has been a enthusiastic user of Canon products, cameras, lenses and printers although he does recognise that Nikon make a decent camera! He enjoys being a member of the BECC and feels that the competitions within the club have stretched him into areas of photography that he would not have ventured in to otherwise


Chris Baker

Chris had always taken "snaps"; the usual stuff, family, holidays Etc. Chris moved to digital in January 2008 with the Canon SX 10. He joined BECC in January 2012 and he is now getting to grips with a Canon EOS 70D. Chris has won multiple awards over the last 4 years in the Nuneaton Festival of Arts.


Dave Dewis

Dave is now retired, and has been shooting for over 40 years, His main passion is Landscape & Travel but enjoys photography in all its forms. He currently shoots Nikon.


Dave Mcmullen

Dave is a Canon shooter and currently uses a 7D, His passion is motor sports but loves photography in general and is currently working on his post process skills.

Graham Cashmore

Graham works as a wood machinist, and is a qualified PCV Driving Instructor.He shoots with Nikon, Currently a D7100. He enjoys shooting Landscape & Historic ruins.But also has a passion for studio portraiture, and a guilty pleasure for special effects.

Robert Morris

Robert is our Competition Secretary and a keen photographer, winning the club Best photographer award for 2018 / 19.

Neil Gadsby

Paul Stokes(Club Treasurer)

I have always enjoyed photography, starting off with 35mm slides in my earlier years but have never really had the time to get involved as I was self employed. Things got more serious when my grandsons began to play football, which developed my interest in taking action shots with a Konica Minolta Dynax 5D.  As time went on I invested in new Canon equipment and now that I have finally retired I intend to spend more time on wildlife photography which is my real passion.  I love all aspects of photography, landscape and macro. Looking through the lens and seeing images close up reveals a complete new world which the eye does not see.

I have been with Bedworth & Exhall Camera Club for a number of years now and find it a friendly place where people exchange views, information and techniques to develop their photographic skills.

Brian Wood (Club Hon President)

Brian is a veteran photographer with a background in newspapers and journalism.

Kay Brandist (Judges Secretary)

Creative with a liking for the unusual, Kay is relatively new to photography and is challenging herself

to develop the technical skills to allow her to fully express her quirky side. She wants to learn from

Club members who really know how to produce stunning images and in turn, hopes to persuade

them to take a few risks and try something new. Nikon user Kay is responsible for booking speakers

and judges and helping to deliver the annual schedule.

Alan Brandist

Alan, by his own admission, is the original point and shoot man. He takes photos for pleasure and

although the results can sometimes be more miss than hit, resists the lure of ‘must have’ equipment

and hours of post production. Alan enjoys being a Club member, supporting Kay by cutting display

mounts, socialising with the group, and appreciating the high standard of images submitted by

fellow members. He also makes a great cup of tea!


Doug Fewkes

Another new member who is shaking up the old guard.