Competition Rules 2019

BECC Competition Rules Last Updated – Feb 2019 "Download PDF"

Bedworth & Exhall Camera Club Competition Rules


1. The Annual Competition will be split into 4 rounds entitled “Open” and then 3 further subject titles selected by the club members at the AGM.

2. The Annual Competition is split into three classes -  Colour print, Monochrome print and Projected Images. Monochrome is defined as one colour with black and white, or just black and white. Projected Images is defined as either Slides and/or digitally projected images (DPI).

3. Only one image may be entered into each of the mono print, colour print and Digital Projected Images (DPI) classes in each round of the Annual Competition.

4. The winner will be the members receiving the largest number of points aggregated from the relevant sections in each round of the Annual Competition. In each class and round, 10 points will be awarded for first place,7 points for second place, 5 points for third place and all other entries receiving 1 point in each round and section. The winner of each class will awarded a trophy. If there is a joint winner the trophy will be shared.

5. The Photographer of the year will be awarded to the member with the highest aggregate score from all 4 rounds and all three classes.

6. Each Print, with the exception of the Martin Bend Trophy (see rule 19), must be at least 7”x 5" or 178 mm X127mm with a maximum of 20”  x 16" or 508 mm X406mm (although 500mm x 400mm is recommended). Each print must be mounted separately on card Authors name and the title of the print should be on the reverse of each print.

7. Digital images should be presented using :-

o   Filename convention is author name_title

o   Image size must be no more than 1980 x 1200 pixels at 300dpi.

o   Files should be JPEG file format

o   DPI Entries should be uploaded to the specified Dropbox folder following submission of the web form on the website, not later than 7 days prior to the day of competition.

 8. All entries to the competitions must be registered using the on-line form with the Competition Secretary not later than 7 days prior to the day of competition, (see members section on

 9. The entry fee is a flat rate of £2. Same price for a single entry or multiple entries.

10. All entries are to be with the Competition prior to the start of the competition.

11. All entry fees must be paid prior to the start of the competition (On the same day of the competition).

12.  No print, slide or digital image may be submitted if previously entered during present club year and no images greater than two years old should be submitted.

13. No original image can be used in more than one class (unless significantly different in processing or as part of another separate image – colour to mono conversion or presentation as a DPI is not acceptable).

14. For guidance of members, external judges are asked to mark using the clubs marking system.

15. Each print, slide and digital image entered will be awarded from 1-15 points. This marking scheme is to be split, 5 points each for Impact, Subject (suitability against the subject title for the competition) and technical quality. Each entry will receive a minimum of one point. The judge may however choose to judge and mark as they wish but, as a minimum, give at least the first three place positions.

16. The club will endeavour to provide a judge for Rounds 2 to 4 of the Annual Competition.

17. If no official judge is present each member will be asked to judge using a marking slip and will award 1 to 15 points in a similar way as described above. No member can judge his or her own work.

18. Where a member enters a competition that is judged by the club members and is unable to attend the evening of the competition, it is requested that they nominate a proxy to accept their voting rights. The proxy must be someone who themselves have not entered that round of the competition. In this case, the proxy will not vote or mark the work for the member for which they are acting. If the absent member is unable to arrange a proxy, the Competition Secretary or their nominee may appoint a member who has not entered themselves to act as the absent members proxy.

19. The Martin Bend Trophy will be competed for annually. The title/theme will be voted for or selected by the members present on the night of the AGM.

The entries for the Competition will be one entry consisting of five 6” X 4”(or approx100mm X 150m) prints mounted on a single board measuring between A2 and A3 sizes (approx 420 × 594 mm or 16.5 × 23 inches (or 297 × 420 mm or 12 × 16.5 inches respectively).

20. Trophies to be held for 50 weeks and to returned at least at the meeting prior to the AGM.

21. All other competitions are a maximum of three entries and will be DPI (unless otherwise stated in the program or agreed). Any changes will communicated to club members.

22. Any image not meeting the requirements of these rules will be excluded from the competition for which it is entered. The Competition Secretary decision is final.

23. Entry requirements for the competitions other than the Annual competitions and Martin Bend trophy may be amended and agreed with the membership as required.

24. If any photograph which is entered for a club competition causes any body discomfort it shall be withdrawn,