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 PHOTO OF THE WEEK - Entry Dates and POTW Guide (Click on links left, to open the form / Guide)

 Here’s something I hope we can all get stuck into.

 For the remainder of this year I’m setting the whole club a challenge. It’s called ‘Photo of the Week’, many of you may have heard of it as friends may have been doing it on Social Media, as part of a course or even at work as I did last year. Don’t worry though, I’m not expecting everyone to take a photo each week, although there isn’t a single member who wouldn’t be capable of that. Instead we, as a club, will publish 1 photo each week.

 Here are the basics:

·        Each member will ‘own’ 2 weeks where they will submit the photo.

·        Each member can select the weeks they wish to own on a first come – first serve basis.

·        Each photo should be topical, (relating to something that has happened recently or is happening).

·        There are no restrictions as to subject, size, colour/mono or device. But please use a standard image format like jpeg.

·        Chose a title and write a brief paragraph about your photo.

·        Please submit on the weekend prior date you select to and use ‘Photo of the Week’ as the subject.

I have a sheet showing the dates for entry and for you to sign up on, but feel free to email me your preferred dates.  I will bring this sheet to club evenings but have attached the current list of dates along with a flyer. I’ll go over this at the next meeting for those who have questions.

 We have a session planned for the 4th Feb after the challenge is complete where we can review our efforts.

 Stay Safe but please have lots of fun whilst deciding on and taking your photos.

 Kind Regards

 Robert Morris

Competition Secretary