Lumsdale Falls

How to get there: Take the A615 towards Matlock soon after Tansley turn right on to Lumsdale rd, pass the wood mill and soon after there is parking on right at the foot of the falls.What to shoot:Water falls & Cascades


Best time of day: Overcast days

Nearest Food & Drink: Tansley Tavern

Nearest Accommodation: Tansley Tavern

Ordinance Survey Map: Sk31276 60516

Nearby Locations: Tansley 2 Km, Matlock 2Km


Lumsdale Falls is one of the finest waterfalls in Derbyshire with multiple cascades and drops there are many compositions available in a very short distance, There are also ruins of old mills and building alongside the falls. This location is perfect for those who wish to minimise the walking as you can park directly at the bottom of the falls and make your way from bottom to top by way of pathways and steps. Overcast days are best to reduce contrast in your pictures making it easy to drag your shutter without blowing highlights. This is helped by much of the falls being covered by tree growth. But I always take nautral density filters and a CPL just in case I need them. I do take a cable release but more often than not I just use the self timer on the camera. Starting at the top there is the overflow from the mill pool, which clearly looks man made and although interesting to photograph it’s not the most inspiring to shoot, I generally get small details from here and isolate from the manmade materials. Just below this is a single drop fall with beautiful rocks in the foreground so there’s a huge choice of format and composition, this seems to be the most popular position to shoot from due to the simple composition and ease of access. You can if you don’t mind getting in the water includes small sections of cascades just in front of this. As you move down the next section is a group of cascades which look wonderful, full of character and visually enchanting. Proceed down further and you get to the main fall, this is the longest drop of the falls and as if intended for photographers there is a shelf within the fall half way down which means you can stand on this shelf amidst the water and find some truly stunning compositions comprising of multiple cascades as the water finds its way down the rest of the falls. A word of warning, the water hides loose rocks and stable footing is difficult, and the upmost care is needed. Those with poor balance or mobility issues should not enter the water.To make the most of the trip wellingtons are recommended so you can compose your shot from within the water, Lumsdale is without a doubt one of the most underrated places to visit in Derbyshire.


Contributed By ©Karl Redshaw