Ryton Woods

Ryton Woods, Pools, Meadow

How to get there: Ryton Road, Bubbenhall Coventry

What to shoot:Birds, Flora & Fauna, Occasional Deer

Best time of day: Something at most times, Seek expert advise for Birding & Deer

Post Code: CV8 3BG

Facilitys:Toilets, Cafe, Playgrounds.

Parking: £2.50 per car, Correct change at automatic barrier £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p coins.


Ryton Woods is located just outside Warwick, and boasts 210 acres of mainly semi natural ancient woodlands. Comprising of Oak, Hazel, silver Birch, Downey Birch and small leaved Lime Coppice. The rich scrub layer is dominated by hazel but also contains Hawthorn, Midlands Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Holly. The flora is dominated by Bracken, Bramble, Honey Suckle, Bluebells and tufted Hair Grass. There is a large quantity of wild flowers such as Wood Sorrel, Wood Millet and Yellow Pimpernel. The area is managed by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. The woods themselves are very impressive and have many routes set out via way markers, and some smaller more natural pathways are also clearly marked that incorporate more scrub, meadow, and shrub planting. Although be forewarned if you move from one path to another it is very, very easy to become turned round and become lost, like I did myself for a time.The woodland is home to Muntjac Deer and a healthy population of forest dwelling birds such as the Green Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker and the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker as well as Tree Pipits and a claim of 6 species of Warblers. The area also houses Nightingales and supports a range of birds of prey, making the area of Ornithological importance.Most visitors enter from Ryton Pools car park which adjoins, the woodland and itself boasts many water filled pools, with a vast array of wild birds and water fowl. There is even a hide onsite for those who wish to use it. The Pools have all amenities on site like toilets, cafeteria, gift shop, and information centre. There is even a miniature railway and 2 adventure playgrounds for the kids. The site also offers organized events that run regularly for children, and could be likened to wildlife kids club.The 100 Acres that make up the pools are both buggy and wheelchair friendly, with wide flat paths. There is also a bike riding route around the park for those up to the challenge. The pool’s themselves are very family friendly and will be popular with kids of all ages.The woods although very well laid out maybe a little hard going and narrow at times for buggies but if you stay close to the entrance from the pools you will be able to venture a short distance without too many problem, and let the kids explore the woodland area The wood also fringes Ryton Wood Meadow, which itself is the result of a capped land fill site, as indeed is the site of the Pools. It is home to many moth and butterfly species including:Dingy SkipperGrizzled SkipperWhite AdmiralSilver Washed FritillaryWood WhiteBrown HairstreakThis area makes up 12.4 Hectares and has been carefully managed primarily by volunteers. Special habitat creations have played heavily in bringing up the numbers of the butterfly and moth populations, such as the stony banks to aid the Grizzled and Dingy Skipper populations. New hedges of blackthorn have more recently been planted to aid the Brown Hairstreak. This small reserve is part of a landscape initiative focussing on habitat restoration for threatened butterfly in the local area.Between the 3 areas, Ryton Pools, Ryton Woods, and Ryton Meadow, You will find something for everyone and the whole family can quite easily spend the whole day here. The Pools even have picnic areas and a small area of woodland especially for younger children, with “Den “making materials.If like me you like to visit places with good walks, great fauna and flora, with a clear effort to conservation, but have a family as well. Then this truly is a great find, and is guaranteed to occupy the whole family from toddlers to your granny.


Contributed By ©Karl Redshaw

©Karl Redshaw